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    Brian Keaney

    I would like to see the Rustcraft Project revisited with a new twist

    by: Danoneil13

    Mon Dec 09, 2013 at 19:20:36 PM EST

    (Adding a civic center is a new twist. - promoted by Brian)

    As I stated before I think the mention of the extra space is what killed the Rustcraft project. While it appears the town wants town hall in the square I wanted to put another twist on this as I was just watching the last selectman meeting on Dedham TV.

    They are talking about creativity. This is what I offered and wasn't listened too so here's what I propose. Why not move DPW to this location, put a fire station there, move some of the departments that deal directly with DPW so that the Town Hall can be less crowded, Yes try again for a senior center here and yes I'm going to harp on this forever we need a civic center.

    A civic center would bring revenue, we can rent it out for birthday parties, we can have exercise classes there, sports leagues could rent it out, we can put a basketball court or two in there and we can rent that space to DYB, Metro West and St. Mary's CYO, not to mention the possibility of adult leagues. The seniors could even come here for exercise. We could have classes specific to them and could have the council of aging there. Here is the beauty of this with the civic center and senior center in the same building with a fire station it couldn't be safer as you would have trained CMT's right there.

    I liked Carmen's concept and appreciated the work he, Mike Butler and Mr. Keegan put into this, but it simply wasn't creative enough. This is creative, realistic and the town can gain so much as far as revenue and a fire station closer to the oakdale/greenlodge area. This is the kind of plan that was needed and I think town meeting members would have voted for this because it makes sense.

    Danoneil13 :: I would like to see the Rustcraft Project revisited with a new twist
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    I messed up I meant EMT's. Sorry for the slip up. (0.00 / 0)

    a little country in Dedham? (0.00 / 0)
    Love to have CMT here :-)

    In the meantime, a group which wants the Town to buy the Ames Schoolhouse is active It wants to use the resulting 3+ acres (existing Town Hall, Cheeky Diva lot, firehouse and Ames) as a Town campus, with various uses discussed from police station to Senior Center to parking tied to development of the Keystone Lot. So far they've presented to the Selectmen and to the Master Plan Implementation Committee. Looks like Carmen and Mike's out of the box work is bearing more fruit.


    [ Parent ]
    I hope it works but (0.00 / 0)
    It will be expensive.  Particularly with the dramatic entrance of the idea in Town Meeting, the destruction of the Rustcraft idea and the gushing in this week's Times about how marvelous and magical the Ames Schoolhouse is.

    I'm also think it is a safe bet that the "group" in town which is pushing this includes Dedham Square business owners who have a pocketbook interest in it.

    I'm not opposed to the idea, but be prepared for a tax hike.  

    [ Parent ]
    Focus on the land (0.00 / 0)
    I wonder if the key to using Rustcraft Rd. would be to purchase the property, demolish the existing structure and build a Town Government Center over a period of time.

    The Police, DPW, Town Offices, School Offices and the rest could be purpose built on the land on a master schedule - perhaps ten years. Existing Town buildings would be sold when the corresponding office opens on Rustcraft.

    Construction vs renovation costs (0.00 / 0)
    One of the attractions of the Rustcraft proposal is that we wouldn't have to build anything - just renovate it to suit our needs.  It costs far more, as the Selectmen's presentation showed, to build new. - a community since 1636 and online since 2007!

    [ Parent ]
    Rustcraft Is Off The Table (0.00 / 0)
    I recently heard that the Rustcraft Project is dead for now. The Davis company is going ahead with their original plan to improve the property and sell to a commercial buyer. Oh, well.

    [ Parent ]
    Yup (4.00 / 2)
    I often hear people complain "why can't government be run more like a business???" First off, there are good reasons why government doesn't take many of the risks that businesses do, but that's an entirely different rant.  In the case of the Rustcraft project, Dedham had the opportunity to act like a smart business and the townspeople decided not to.  The town's planners did everything that a smart business does - they ran a cost-benefit analysis, secured working capital, planned for contingencies, and their analysis showed that the potential benefits far outweighed the risks. And sure, there were risks involved. But none that were anything outside of generally acceptable risks associated with large-scale municipal construction. And really, imagine the worst-case scenario (whatever one might believe it to be) with the Rustcraft project - if the worst actually happened, would it cost the town as much as building all of these future projects from scratch?

    I feel like Dedham has done a lot of things right over the past 15-20 years, from new school construction, to Legacy Place, to Newbridge. This decision by Town Meeting represents an enormous step backward and harks back to the bad old days when infrastructure was ignored and projects were indefinitely postponed into the future.  

    [ Parent ]
    I agree with most of that (0.00 / 0)
    It's great to see that we have finally completed a lot of overdue projects. Despite a few design issues I have with the square that face lift was needed and it looks great, the infrastructure that was done was long over due. It's great to have the new schools and Legacy Place and Newbridge, but to get to that next level like many of these other towns we still need to show more revenue. A civic center would have helped immensely. We need some more forward thinking. I still feel we pay a lot of taxes still even though I know we don't agree on that.

    Town meeting should have passed this. It was a terrific proposal. The board made too many references to the space they weren't readily using and that's what killed the project. This is the space I thought they should have used for a civic center and they didn't listen. For all the work they did and they did a lot. I know Carmen personally and I know what was put into this. Mike Butler and Bill Keegan also put a lot of time and effort into this, but I simply think the lack of offering a few creative ideas with the space and the possibility of what the future use of the unused space would be did them no favors and hurt the project. I also think a lot of people are short cited and it was disappointing it was voted down like that. Ames school has businesses there and buying that building and moving those businesses out defeats the purpose off keeping and adding new business to the square. If they wanted Ames School they should have bought it back years ago when they had the chance to do so.

    [ Parent ]
    Civic Center was never going to happen (0.00 / 0)
    There is a very well-analyzed and carefully delineated list of capital projects that need to be addressed before any new "nice to have" projects will be suggested.  Don't get me wrong, I'd like a civic center too, but the selectmen were being responsible in proposing only items that have been identified as necessary.

    [ Parent ]


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